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Apache Module mod_negotiation

Available Languages:  en  |  fr  |  ja 

Description:Provides for content negotiation
Module Identifier:negotiation_module
Source File:mod_negotiation.c


Content negotiation, or more accurately content selection, is the selection of the document that best matches the clients capabilities, from one of several available documents. There are two implementations of this.



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Type maps

A type map has a format similar to RFC822 mail headers. It contains document descriptions separated by blank lines, with lines beginning with a hash character ('#') treated as comments. A document description consists of several header records; records may be continued on multiple lines if the continuation lines start with spaces. The leading space will be deleted and the lines concatenated. A header record consists of a keyword name, which always ends in a colon, followed by a value. Whitespace is allowed between the header name and value, and between the tokens of value. The headers allowed are:

The encoding of the file. Apache only recognizes encodings that are defined by an AddEncoding directive. This normally includes the encodings x-compress for compress'd files, and x-gzip for gzip'd files. The x- prefix is ignored for encoding comparisons.
The language(s) of the variant, as an Internet standard language tag (RFC 1766). An example is en, meaning English. If the variant contains more than one language, they are separated by a comma.
The length of the file, in bytes. If this header is not present, then the actual length of the file is used.
The MIME media type of the document, with optional parameters. Parameters are separated from the media type and from one another by a semi-colon, with a syntax of name=value. Common parameters include:
an integer specifying the version of the media type. For text/html this defaults to 2, otherwise 0.
a floating-point number with a value in the range 0[.000] to 1[.000]